Just Us Women

YouTube account

Starting in January, 2019, I am no longer able to carry the costs associated with paying for the the domain name (justuswomen.co), website (WordPress) and media hosting (Libsyn). I am needing to moving all the episodes to a free website (justuswomenpodcast.wordpress.com) and YouTube account (Just Us Women Podcast).

The podcast will no longer be available on iTunes starting January, 2019. You can still hear the episodes but they will be on audio only files on YouTube. This website will also be deleted at the end of January, 2019 and content moved to justuswomenpodcast.wordpress.com.

The “Just Us Women Podcast” episodes and interviews with women from the “Women Beyond Belief Podcast” can be heard on audio files on the “Just Us Women Podcast” YouTube account.

Click here to listen to the Just Us Women Podcast and archived episodes of the Women Beyond Belief Podcast:


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