Just Us Women

#07 – Janet Aiken (Pseudonym) REPUBLISHED– Fundamentalist Homeschool Mother For 20 Years, Now Shunned as an Atheist

Interview recorded on July 24, 2017

Originally published on August 17, 2017

As with ALL episodes, there is an explicit label. That is because the topics may include discussions that may be triggering for some people. This episode does have some difficult topics so please be aware and take care of yourself.


This is the first in a series of interviews I did over a year ago, when I was the host of the women beyond belief podcast.

Then I left the Atheist and skeptical community and rebranded the podcast under the title of Just Us Women podcast. In March of this year, I had planned on republishing most of the interviews I had from the women beyond belief podcast but then my life took a different turn. I ended up taking a sabbatical from podcasting. I separated from my husband and now, 4 months later am ready to start to re-publish some of the interviews from last year.

I was hesitant about republishing these but felt compelled lately. Janet started her own podcast called Women Beyond Faith Podcast and since listening to her interview, I felt more confidence as I have seen the continued need for women to hear other women’s stories of deconversion and life after faith.

These interviews, from a year ago, have been located on another website where they were archived but I felt they needed to be republished so that the stories can be heard by more women.

Janet Aiken (Pseudonym) is a middle aged former-evangelical homeschool mom who studied Biology and Secondary Ed at universities in New York & Washington, D.C. Once upon a time she dreamed of rescuing all of the ill and downtrodden children of the world by becoming a Paediatrician. Those dreams died when she failed to get into Medical School.

Janet rose above the discouragement & disappointment & determined that she could still save the world, one child at a time, by becoming a die-hard fundamentalist Christian. This led her on a 20+ year journey into the domain of falsehood, deception & tyranny.

Of late, thanks to the critical thinking skills of her then teenage son, Janet has rejected the truth claims of religion. Today she strives to make every effort to rediscover the harsh beauties of life.